I mainly work with professional athletes, performing artists, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

The job title isn't what interests me though. The things I look for in people I decide to work with is honesty, sincerity, commitment, and an openness and eagerness to participate fully in the coaching.

The clients that I work with have experienced significant breakthroughs in thinking patterns or beliefs and stories that have been holding them back.

Areas we can cover during our time working together include:

  • Finding peace of mind

  • Greater confidence

  • Improving performance

  • Career transition uncertainty

  • Identity issues

  • Exploring barriers and limiting beliefs like not feeling deserving of success, or fearing other people's opinions

  • Authentic leadership and living

  • Clearer communication

  • Relationship issues

I offer a free introductory call (approx. 30mins). 

The purpose of this call is to:

- see if we are a good fit and to explore ways I could be of service to you.

- give you a taste of what working with me would be like.

- answer any queries that you may have.

Sessions take place on video call or phone. We can arrange to meet up if you live locally to me in Cardiff, Wales.

I'm available in between sessions through message or e-mail. 

I may also send you additional resources too depending on what comes up.

The relationship we create will be unlike others in your life.

I create a non-judgmental space, based on truth, integrity, trust and commitment.

I will compassionately challenge your thinking in ways maybe others around you won't.

I will support you relentlessly and have unshifting belief in your capabilities.

I will strive to make it an enjoyable experience for you.

I will bring all of me to every session we have.

Will you?

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