"Working with Rhodri was a really positive experience and allowed me to get what I wanted whilst going at a pace I was comfortable with. I was relaxed immediately, liked his manner and the way that the session was structured and flowed. He listened carefully, questioned things but then supported me to find my own answers and solutions with lots of ideas to work on going forward. A really positive and worthwhile


Neil Smothers
Football Manager/ College Assistant Principal

"My experience with Rhodri was enjoyable and I learnt a lot as well as getting certain stuff off my chest. It helped that he has been through similar problems through sports. I have learnt things about my self and allowing my thoughts to flow and not be angry or frustrated with them.

MacKenzie Martin
Junior International Rugby Player

Rhodri has helped me in my sport by helping me being able to deal with the stresses and worries that’s comes with playing high level sport. Not only that, I’ve found myself being able to look at everyday situations differently. If you’re looking for someone to help you with the mental side of sport or even just life in general, I can’t recommend working with Rhodri enough.."

Jacob Beetham
Junior International Rugby Player

I've gone from not believing in myself to having the belief to ask my coaches for help, as well as having coping mechanisms in order to help myself strive and make my dreams more achievable. Not only that, but the sessions were also enjoyable, and it’s not always being serious as Rhodri likes to have a laugh and make things more comfortable'

Louis Cole

It’s nice to have someone to talk to you about your situation with an unbiased perspective. Rhodri can bring your focus/mind to areas that you might have blocked, not discussed, not have thought or known about before. So if you are looking for clarification, peace or someone to listen to you about any of your situations I would highly recommend”

Eric Molloy
Professional Football player

Rhodri gave me the reassurance I needed to be strong enough to follow through with actions I thought were necessary not only in my footballing journey but also on my path to self exploration. This gave me the strength and courage to open up on my challenges and allowed me to recognise that my strength of character is allowing me to not only overcome my setbacks but give me peace in my journey (both personal and career) so I can continue in my pursuit of happiness and more importantly to me - greatness!

Charlotte Potts

Professional Football Player

I have spoken with other coaches within the field before but I find that Rhodri has a mental agility and depth not matched; this enables other paths of thinking and possibilities to be discovered. I  find his objective thinking and insight both encouraging and motivational. Rhodri is an amazing sounding board, I would highly recommend his work, with special reference to commercial group settings where he would be able to offer workshops and help teams and individuals develop long term goals.

Raney Jones

Business Development Manager

I started working with Rhodri because I had lost my confidence. After a short while I had unexpected challenges in my personal life which confronted my physical and mental health, my sessions with Rhodri proved to be real rock and I was able to talk to him
unreservedly in a way that I couldn’t speak to my friends and family.
The challenges haven’t disappeared, but I have learnt why my mind reacts in the way it does, and I feel I have the skills to cope.
I would recommend Rhodri to anyone looking for mind/personal coaching.

Mark Richards

IT Consultant