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Welcome to Rhodri Jones, Mind Fitness Coach

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

When it came to name the business, I considered all kinds of different combinations

Mind this....

Mind that...

and then I thought..

You know what, I'm just going to call it by my own name.

Not only that, I'm not going to stick some picture of a mountaintop or a sunset on top of my homepage, I'll stick a picture of me up there.

For years, I'd not been authentic and true to myself, and had been dealing with a lack of self worth, and not feeling good enough.

Now there is nowhere to hide.

So welcome to Rhodri Jones, Mind Fitness Coach

(Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner)

Despite achieving externally in life, and appearing to function normally, my state of mind yo-yoed over the years. My reaction to being released by Sir Alex Ferguson as a youngster, and being told by a knee consultant at 24 that I had the knee of a 50yr old ex footballer was to shut up shop. I tried to to be robotic, to disconnect, to not fully engage with life and not allow myself to feel the full range of emotions. I put a barrier around myself. Years of living like this, and being hard on myself ground me down, and in 2017 I knew I had to try a different approach

I'd tried to find relief from a sense of psychological lack through my successes and achievements, without realising that firstly, I needed to turn inward. Meditation helped me monitor my state of mind, but instead of being hard on myself, I decided to be gentler. What if I decided to welcome and accept everything in life - including all emotions, instead of blocking them away? To accept reality as it is, and to trust life, whilst still putting myself out there, playing the game, following my passions, and doing my inner work. Being driven is part of who I am, the baggage that weighed me down isn't.

Slowly, but surely life has opened up, and the walls to my imaginary mind-made prison have disappeared, and I'm fully engaging with life, whatever that brings. There has been the occasional slip up, but that is part of being human, and I don't go down the rabbit hole of overthinking anymore.

I got certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, which has helped me be able to understand the impact of the unconscious on human behaviour, and how the language people use is like a window into their minds. Then I heard Dr Mark Atkinson speak about his Psychological Fitness Training System on a podcast and it resonated immediately. The stuff he was talking about were things I'd been doing intuitively over the years. Welcoming everything first and foremost. Being open, gentle and curious and looking to shift your mind state in any situation. To live from a deeper place than the survival-based ego, which serves us growing up, but limits many in adulthood.

I knew immediately that I wanted to do the course.

But part of me resisted signing up for a while.

Wouldn't it be easier if you kept your head down, and just ignored the pull?

A bit of the imposter syndrome kicked in.

What have you got to offer?

What gives you the right to do this?

I was umming and aahing for a while, before I had a clear felt experience telling me to do this.

Instead of asking 'why me', I asked 'why not me'?

I had no answer to that.

I feel like this is my calling and I am very passionate about it. I'd always been fascinated by the mind from a young age - and how the way we think shapes our world . I, like many people, went through/go through life not really knowing how to become psychologically fitter on a deeper level. Many go all their lives, without realising that there can be a different way to be. You can always consciously take charge of your mindstate, instead of living life on autopilot and being ruled by unconscious impulses, which drives much of our behaviour.

Most humans only take action when the crisis hits, and you hit the wall. My work though is about making you psychologically fitter, so that any walls don't become a hindrance in the first place. Not to deny that there won't be any challenges in life, but my work is about equipping you to be able to handle everything that comes up in life internally, rather than automatically turning to external sources of relief, and avoiding whatever comes up inside of you.

Some people go to see a physical conditioning coach in order to get physically fitter, despite not being overweight, They see it as a positive action to take; the same applies with my work. It's just that psychological fitness is less commonly understood than physical fitness, yet we experience everything in life through the filters of our own minds. Yet how much time do we spend directly working on it? When I wasn't injured (which wasn't often!) as a footballer my levels of physical fitness were high. I continue to exercise and feel the benefits that come from that. But exercise won't change the way your brain functions. It just alters your state for a period of time. My work is about showing you ways to change traits, by rewiring the brain. Changes which are everlasting, and can be life changing.

It may take a bit of commitment and practice to clear the overgrown path that you have been hiking along for years in your own mind - but let's get your machete out, do some chopping, get you out of the forest - and reveal the wide open space and freedom of mind that is always there, and is available to all of us. I can provide guidance, but it's up you to do the work, or nothing will change, and you will remain as you are. Which isn't a problem, of course.

If I can be of service and help shine a different light to just one client, then this will be worthwhile. If they come in their hundreds, then so be it.

Even if no one contacts, I've felt the pull, and if I didn't take the plunge I know I'd regret it as my heart and gut have steered me in this direction.

So I'm here for the ride.

Wherever that takes me.

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