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I'm a Personal Success Coach & Mind Mastery Advisor. I'm privileged to be able to have remarkable conversations with inspiring clients.

Potential clients seek me out as they recognise me as someone who can speak from experience and engage with them on their level.

I have over 20 years of practical experience in the field of human performance. Firstly as a professional and semi-professional footballer, and afterwards, as a drama television director and documentary filmmaker. I'm used to being in the middle of high-performance and challenging environments.

I can empathise with feeling like your mind is holding you back.

I used to be a perfectionist who parked his emotions. I was stuck in my head and beat myself up and battled my thoughts. I also wrapped up so much of my identity in my achievements in life and tried to control everything to reach that illusory point in life where I thought that everything would be perfect.

I've devoted myself to studying the mind, through reading, contemplation and practice. I've studied as a Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist. I have a Yoga Nidra Teacher qualification (Deep Restorative Meditation). I'm a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner - which looks at the impact of the subconscious mind on human behaviour and performance.​ I also have a Business Management degree.

I'm extremely curious and highly driven by nature. 

My greatest wisdom though has comes from lived experiences.

My most important coachees in life have been my wife Louise, and my two sons, Arthur and Evan. They challenge and inspire me in equal measure!

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